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Treatment of cracked lips Naturally at home

Cracked lips is a condition of the skin in which the lips become dry and scaly, with or without cracks. In addition to being an aesthetic concern, chapped lips can cause pain and can bleed as well. In some cases, the lips may also become swollen. Cracked lips can be caused by several factors. In most cases, chapped lips occasionally occur due to climate changes and other factors. But, some health problems like dehydration and ingestion of certain drugs, etc. Can also cause cracked lips. So there are several causes of cracked lips that will be discussed in the following paragraphs along with the treatment of cracked lips. Cracked Lips - Symptoms and Causes The most common symptoms of chapped lips are dry, rough and scaly lips with cracks or fissures. Severe cases of cracked lips can also cause pain and bleeding. Sometimes cracked corners of mouth are very painfull. Lips can become tender, red and swollen. This condition causes severe discomfort to the affected person and can affect acti…

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